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El Nino & La Nina

(Published in 2005) The graph above left shows El Nino's (temp above the red line) and La Nina's (temp below the blue line) over the last 34 years. Interestingly both mantis prawn population explosions have come after quite server El Nino's that were followed by long La Nina events.


Above right shows how Pacific Temperature changes (red/blue) appear to affect the Kenyan billfish migration (green). This graph shows beautifully the red El Nino spikes towering between the green spikes of good seasonal billfish catches. Not surprising that local fishermen learned to fear the word "El Nino" centuries before its cause was discovered.


La Nina affected catch results once negatively and twice positively. There have been 3 "La Nina" events over the past 20 years (as shown below), blue marlin and striped marlin numbers, as apposed to black marlin,  broadbill or sailfish, certainly appear to increase when "La Nina" is affecting the Pacific Ocean.

Moon Phase

(Published in 2004) The moon phase graph above shows the main Sailfish run out of Ngomeni/Malindi between Sept. 04 & Nov. 04. Red (Sailfish figures, left axis), White (moon phase) and Blue (height of tide, i.e. spring to neap tides).


An area of interest is the periods around spring tide, which have appeared more productive than those around neap tide. Certainly there is little doubt among many of the best boat captains that marlin fishing is far more productive over the full moon.


Below billfish catches (red, predominately sailfish) against moon phase (white) & height of tide (blue, spring to neap tides).

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 El Nino & Billfish Numbers (381Kb)   -   La Nina & Billfish Numbers (165Kb)


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