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Click above years for links to billfish seasonal catches by zone. (Kenyan billfish season runs from July through to the end of March).

In 2003 it was decided to break the Kenyan coast into ten different zones. Starting in the north with zone one and finishing in the south with zone 10. Below are the fishing areas included in each zone.

Zone 1: Lamu, Kiwayu, Kui, Kinyika, Kiunga, Simambaya, Manda Island, Pate, Pazali, Pate Island and Tenewe.


Zone 2: Ziwayu and Kipini.


Zone 3: Ngomeni and Ungama Bay.


Zone 4: North Kenya Banks.


Zone 5: Malindi. Che Chale, Leopard Reef, Mambrui, Mayungu and Sabaki.


Zone 6: Watamu, Banks, Boiling Pot, Canyon, Casuarina Point, Mida, Mountains, Nipple, Sailfish Alley and Wesa.


Zone 7: The Rips, Casuarina Ledge, Center Mlima, Haggards Mountain, North Ledge and South Mlima.


Zone 8: Kilifi, Takaungu, Vuma, Vipingo Mlima and Vipingo


Zone 9: Mombasa & Mtwapa. Bamburi, Diani, Kikambala, Ukunda and Msambweni.


Zone 10: Shimoni, Chale Island, Funzi, Msambweni, Pemba, Pemba Channel and Pemba Island.


On the right is the Kenyan catch results per year from 2004 to 2010 on a slide show, giving a visual show of the different species prevalent in different years.


Small broadbill swordfish being released.

Zone Areas

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